Without You

Words and music by Torey Adler © 2003

Give me a house made of stone

Where I can live all alone

Give me a window on the street

Give me a place to rest my feet

And I'll be happy as a clam

Right here where I am

Without you

Give me a full tank of gas

Give me a car, it doesn't have to be fast

Give me a highway to the sun

Give me a driver, it could be anyone

And I'll be fine

The world is mine

Without you

Without you, my skies would still be blue

Without you I would get through

Without you by my side

Life would be a breeze

Instead of a rollercoaster ride

And I don't know what I'd do

I had a dream you were gone

And my life went on

The moon still rose every lonely night

And every morning faded out of sight

And every sun-bleached day

Was the same in every way

Without you