St. Mary's River

Words and music by Torey Adler © 2003

On St. Mary's River, a fishing trawler pulls up to the docks

In blowtorch sun the pelicans just wait on the rocks

The Captain calls out orders

In a voice so deep that you could drown

The salt feels up the air

It's the first thing hits you in this town

Then the smoke from the factories on the riverbanks

Takes to the wind

And the whole town smells so deep and rank

There's something 'bout St. Mary's

That just makes you want to sink

At Shelley's out on Main Street

There's a kid who works behind the bar

Made his way down the coast from New York City

In a stolen car

He loves the Captain's daughter

And they haven't been caught yet

At low tide they hide beneath the docks

And get all they can get

And the Harvest Moon rises up, yellow and round

A police car goes racing by

And they startle at the sound

There's something that they're looking for

Which they know they have not found

On the banks of the St. Mary's River

You can hear the ocean pound a heart's tattoo on the beach

On the banks of the St. Mary's River

Sure as you can breath,

Don't   everything feel so out of reach

He tells her a highway is just like wine

It picks you up and leads you on

And all the way you're feeling fine

He says would you love me

If you thought I'd lost my mind

She says you're just like that highway sometimes

And the tide begins to change

It is so easy to forget

This close to the edge

You're bound to take what you get

There's something that they're looking for

That they have not found yet