Mustang II

Words and music by Torey Adler © 2003

I aint driving no Camaro

It just wouldn't do

And I give you my word

I won't be cruising town

In a Thunderbird with you

If I had wings and I could fly

I would speed out 'cross the midnight blue night sky

But we all do what we can do

I'll pick you up in my Mustang II

You once told me you felt lost in this world

Let me tell you why that's true

There's two trains running and neither one going your way

I guess that I'd feel a little lost too

So maybe you start out walking

Heading for the golden sands of Malibu

Singing goodbye to the northeast winter winds

Picking up speed

Rolling on through

Riding your Mustang II

Turn down your street

Turn off the motor and listen to your heartbeat

Open your eyes, take it all in

You may never pass this way again