Back Roads
Words and Music © 2006 Torey Adler

Baby, I never meant to rush you
I only meant to see if our destinations were the same
and if the highway that we're riding on seems too straight and narrow
let me take you disappearing down a country lane

and the earthen colored leaves, they will crack beneath our feet
as we walk through the wintry snow
summer will come but it comes slowly to the back roads

Baby, I only meant to kiss you
I never meant to tie you down
and if I said I love you, I only meant to thank you
for making me so happy each time you came around

and if we walk into a storm, I will keep you warm
until the sun shines down below
and the sunshine that falls is like an angel calling softly
on the back roads

So time rolls on with all its twists and turnings
and we may never know just what it holds in store
we may drift apart, or we may drift together
we may find the ocean or take solace on the shore

Seasons spin like wagon wheels we watch them as they go
knowing some must die and knowing some must grow
and knowing that the answers were forgotten long ago
on the back roads