Poetry in the machine, or poker in Hungary

Sometimes chance paints the finest picture. An old barn, crumbled by gravity. The perfect arrangement of leaves fallen around the foot of an oak. The delicate wordcraft of Google translate. Take this example, from the Hungarian version of partypoker.com. I type the url into my browser and the Google translate bar pops up and asks, ‘Would you like to translate this’? I think, ‘yes, indeed. My Hungarian is a trifle rusty’. That’s when this gem appears on screen, “in the end you walk away the jackpot in your pocket”. It’s not grammatically wrong, it’s just, uh, creative. Most people would have written, “in the end you walk away with the jackpot in your pocket” or “in the end you walk away, the jackpot in your pocket”. But instead you walk away the jackpot like you’d walk a girl to her front door after a date. It’s brilliant. It’s likely unintentional, but a sunset is often more beautiful than a Picasso. Is intention essential to art? Perhaps intention distinguishes art from random beauty. I look forward to your comments, though I probably won’t ever approve them because the comment queue on this blog has 972 comments in it posted by other Central European online gaming sites.

Sometimes you walk away the winner, sometimes you walk away the wiser. When you walk away the jackpot in your pocket, you walk away the better for the deal.

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